Your Quick & Easy Deep-Dive Into All Things Ayurveda!

When you’ve been plagued by hair concerns for a really, really reaaallllyy long time, it’s hard to trust yet another brand that promises new hair growth. We get it. Because we’ve been there too.

The story of Avimee Herbal is a love story. A long one spanning several decades where our founder, Nanaji, turned to Ayurveda several times, and always came back with wholesome, effective solutions. You can check the story of Avimee Herbals here.

But in the meantime, let’s talk Ayurveda.

The word Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word. Derived from two root words ‘Ayur’ meaning ‘A long life’ and ‘Veda’ which means ‘Knowledge’. Together they come to mean ‘The Knowledge of Life’. Over time, it came to mean ‘The Science of Life’.

You might, at this point, be wondering, what relevance Ayurveda, a science bearing a name from an ancient, now little-spoken language, has to do today. But here’s the thing - Ayurveda has stood the test of time. It’s a science first recorded on paper 5000 years ago! And it’s a science that has only been perfected since. The beauty of Ayurveda is that it is a testimony of man’s struggle against disease through the ages. It tells us that someone, at some obscure point in history, was desperate to find a cure to protect their loved ones from health issues ranging from simple everyday wellness practices to (then) life-threatening diseases like the common cold.

And they found it in Nature. At a time where people are steadily choosing to go cruelty-free, choosing clean beauty and bidding adieu to nasty chemicals, there is only one well-balanced way forward. The one leading back to Nature again.
And that is the very principle of Ayurveda - all things natural, always. Which means no long-term side-effects. Sure, we’ll always recommend a patch test - after all, you can be allergic to natural ingredients too. But hey, your body’s gonna thank you for not saturating it with harsh chemicals.

And finally, Ayurveda offers permanent solutions. It doesn’t just fix the symptoms, it gets to the root of the problem, thus emphasizing upon prevention and cure, simultaneously. And you know what that means right? One size doesn’t fit all. No one product for multiple problems. Specific products cater to individual problems, so you’ll never have to worry about your hair again.
And if all of these reasons don’t cut it, give it a shot anyway. Because there’s always room for you in Nature, and Ayurveda will never let you down.

It’s an Avimee promise we’re proud to make!

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