The Story of Us

The story of Avimee Herbal starts with our founder Nana Ji, and his deep love for Ayurveda. A firm believer of Ayurveda since childhood, he often turned to Ayurvedic solutions for permanent healthcare solutions. His love for Ayurveda started in his library in Bhagalpur, Bihar - where he owned 2500 books on Ayurveda alone! 

This not only led to him having a deep understanding of all things Ayurveda, but also led to him creating a miracle oil - the Ortho CP Massage Oil, to cure his wife - Shakuntala Devi, from when she was diagnosed with Diabetes and suffered from acute foot ache. It worked like a charm.

A few years later, Nana Ji noticed an increase in his hair fall. Once again he turned to Ayurvedic solutions. However, Life caught up and somewhere between handling his textile business, researching Ayurvedic remedies for hair fall and a growing family, Nana Ji lost his hair. A lot of it. And when hair loss came, the  social stigma came with it. His Ayurvedic solution hadn’t worked. 

However, when his daughter started losing her hair after COVID, Nana Ji realized that he had to go back to Ayurveda to find the perfect formula if he had to ensure that she didn’t face the same social stigma that he had faced years earlier.

This time, it worked. And it kept working for all the friends and family members Nana Ji gave it to. And then it worked for over 1,50,000 customers. This golden cure was the Keshpallav Hair Oil. And so, slowly but steadily, Avimee Herbal was born but it continued to get stronger every day! 

After 25 years of studying Ayurveda, Nana Ji made miracles happen. He didn’t just bring back lost hair, he brought back lost confidence, lost self-love. He brought back happiness to a lot of people.  

And then, at the age of 85, a common man powered by love, reached Shark Tank India. Then, he was on Indian Idol. Now Avimee Herbal is in the Middle East, taking the giant leaps for Nana Ji that he’d first taken in Surat, Gujarat. 

And there’s only further to go! 

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