Hair Oil


Our nourishing Keshpallav Hair Oil is formulated with over 150 herbs, gently infused into a combination of 50 cold-pressed carrier oils, extracted from organically grown ingredients like coconuts, black sesame, almond and Kalonji, just to name a few. This potent Ayurvedic combination encourages rapid hair growth while reducing hair fall.

Hair Spray

HairTone PV1

The Avimee Hairtone PV1 is an Ayurvedic preparation handcrafted to perfection through the ages. With its unique blend of herbs, this scalp spray comes with natural DHT blockers to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth. 

Hair Serum

Madhu Plus

Madhu Plus is herbal hair serum with SPF 15. Made using years of research and contains ingredients that control frizz, boost smoothness, reduce tangle, promotes shine & protect against damage caused from pollution and UV rays.

Hair Conditioner


This ayurvedic preparation is the key to repairing and nourishing damaged and weak hair, revitalizing it with a lustrous texture that exudes natural beauty. With its carefully selected ingredients and potent formula, Radha Hair Conditioner offers deep and long-lasting rejuvenation, making it the perfect addition to your hair care routine.

Hair Shampoo


An effective shampoo that delicately cleanses the scalp and hair, maintaining their innate oils. This exceptional combination of traditional Ayurvedic and contemporary elements aids in managing dandruff by efficiently taming flakes, all while turning your tresses into irresistibly sleek and smooth strands.

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The story of Avimee Herbal starts with our founder Nana Ji

The Story of Us

تبدأ قصة Avimee Herbal مع مؤسسنا Nana Ji وحبه العميق للأيورفيدا. مؤمنًا قويًا بالأيورفيدا منذ الطفولة ، غالبًا ما لجأ إلى حلول الأيورفيدا لحلول الر...

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